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TV review [Nov. 15th, 2005|05:07 pm]
Lj's ONLY Earth Changes Community


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The Heat is On: The Evidence for Global Warming
Fox News Channel, this last Sunday night... (although I just watched it, thanks to my Knology DVR).

"The earth IS warming, the climate IS changing, and it WILL effect YOU." ~Rick Folbaum [program host] These words were the shot across the bow for program views. How much plainer can it be made? It was a reasonably good documentary. They spent half the hour on the evidence, which in this case was ice sheet withdrawal and severe weather. The second half an hour focused on new alternatives to fossil fuels; including hydrogen fuel cells and products made from corn such as ethanol and Dupont's Sorona polymer. They spent less time than most environmentalist produced documentaries on the blame game, which I thought was very productive.

Now, can we please get the 'big three' networks (who reach the majority of the nations viewers) to do these types of shows on their 20/20s, 60 minutes, and 48 hour programs.

I also find it compelling that as I write this the mid west is beset by spring-like tornado producing thunderstorms and that the future Hurricane Gamma is growing off the coast of Central America.